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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PILKADA DKI (DKI Governor election)

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The DKI Jakarta governor election will be on 8 August 2007. There are 2 governor candidate, that is Adang Daradjatun (former vice head of POLRI), and Fauzi Bowo (currently the vice governor of DKI). All the citizen of Jakarta (you must have DKI citizen ID card for at least the past 6 month to prove it) can use their right to vote one of the 2 candidates.

PILKADA DKI is a domestic election but the effect can be felt through the nation. Maybe because DKI Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia who ever the governor will have big influence in the nation politics too.

I'm not a citizen of Jakarta but I love to know what’s going on around the PILKADA. All I know is the 2 candidate have their one plus and minus in their attitude. For examples:

  1. Adang Darajatun: He is very down to earth person, he even try the KRL economy train to see what it like and without any special treatment is. But some people think he is too devoted to the party that back him up to be the governor candidate
  2. Fauzi Bowo: he is the vice governor in Jakarta now so he must be have so many experience with Jakarta problematic. But he is known to have lack of patient when confronting a problem.

This is not part of a campaign for neither of them, but I myself if I can choose I would pick Adang Darajatun. Because when you pick a person who have a heart for the people like him, he would know what's good for the people because he experiencing it his self and put his heart on it. But unfortunately as I told you before I can't choose because I am not a Jakarta Citizen.

Hope the Jakarta people can choose their governor with all their true heart, and hope who ever that chosen to be the governor will do their best for Jakarta and of course for Indonesia.

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malaysia baru said...

How about the latest election for Governors in West Jawa and North Sumatera?
Plse write something so that we know how things are going in your country...