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Monday, July 23, 2007

Gold from Biology

won gold medal in IBO (international Biology Olympiad) 2007 in Saskatoon, Canada. This is the first gold medal for Indonesia in IBO. The gold medal presented by Stephanie Senna (third grade student from SMAK IPEKA Bilingual Jakarta). The other participant Prayudi Utomo (student from SMAK I BPK Penabur Jakarta) presented silver medal, and Roswitha Muntiyarso (student from MAN Insan Cendekia Tangerang) presented bronze medal.

The IBO followed by 50 countries from the whole world. Indonesia sends 4 participants they are: Stephanie Senna, Prayudi Utomo, Saifurrizal (student from SMAN 2 Pare Kediri) and Roswitha Muntiyarso. Under guidance from Dr. Agus Dana Permana, chairman of Tim Olympiad Biology Indonesia (Indonesian Biology Olympiad Team).

Two of the team members Stephanie Senna and Prayudi Utomo was an alumni from last year 2006 IBO in Argentina). All of them have tightly following team selection since December 2006 in Indonesia.

From 38th International Physic Olympiad (IPhO) in Isfahan, Iran. We also got a good news that Indonesian team got 1 gold presented by Muhammad Firmansyah Kasim, 3 silver presented by Rudi Handoko Tanin, Musawwadah Mukhtar and Yosua Michael Maranatha, and 1 bronze presented by David Halim

This is a very good new for Indonesia, after all bad new that gave bad name for Indonesia was put in the world headline, at least now we can be proud of our country thanks to these brilliant student.

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