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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Economy Train

7 July 2007. There is a change in train Schedule from station Serpong. The usual economy train without AC (air conditioning) left the station at 5.45 am and the ticket charge of Rp1500. now replaced by another train that using air conditioning, but the problem is the new train has a ticket charge of Rp.5000. for some of Indonesian people Rp.5000 is still to expensive. Especially those who usually using the train for short course. Although the non AC train still operating at 6.00 am but it is very-very crowded. because usually the non AC train has 2 shift (5.45 and 6.00 am) now when the 5.45 replace by the AC economy the passengers that usually using the 5.45 non AC now using 6.00 am train. So it is like 2 trains passangers put in 1 train. can you imagine how crowded it is?
Usually the 5.45 am train although non AC but still comfortable enough comparable to the ticket price of Rp.1500.
Maybe the government tries to make it more comfortable for the people by using the AC economy train, but I do think they should study the capability of most Indonesian people for the ticketing price.
If the old way is good enough and more useful for most of the Indonesian people why should we change it?
But that is just my opinion, how about everybody else, do you agree with this system?

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